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Embrace the unexpected

Philips saw a challenge facing the millennial and Gen Z audience: how to care for their beloved sneakers without causing damage. They didn’t just create a solution – they sparked a movement of creativity and inspiration that transformed the launch of the Philips Sneaker Cleaner at SOLE DXB, the region’s hottest arts, culture and footwear festival.


The concept for the brand activation was nothing short of visionary. Inspired by the spinning motion of the Sneaker Cleaner and the hydraulic motion of an automatic car wash, Super Shine by Philips was born.


The memorable experience stole the hearts of visitors. From surprise performances by America’s Got Talent dance stars, Urban Crew, to the vintage Cadillac that doubled up as a sneaker display, visitors were treated to an immersive experience that left a lasting impression. And it wasn’t just about the spectacle – visitors left with a tangible reminder of the product’s key messages and, of course, the product itself.


But the impact of Super Shine by Philips extended far beyond the festival itself. With social media support and influencer engagement, the activation reached thousands of people over three days – a testament to the power of creativity.


Dance talent and photography supplied by BE Experiential.


Client: Philips

Project: Philips Sneaker Cleaner Experience

Services: Creative, Experiential, Production