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Tasting consumer engagement

A world of contrasts, where chaos met calm and history merged with modernity. The Patrón Legado bar at Sole DXB was a true testament to the beauty of paradox. 


Set amongst Dubai’s coolest brands at the region’s hottest contemporary culture festival, Patrón Legado – meaning legacy – immersed guests in a serene Mexican oasis, thoughtfully crafted to create a chic escape from the urban bustle of SOLE DXB. 


Paying homage to Patrón’s unrivaled authenticity, the stunning 10×10 two-story pop-up bar was designed with warm hues, luxurious textures and lush plants to take guests on a journey into Patrón’s rich heritage. Combining rustic charm with warm seaside hues, guests were transported to the coast of Tulum, sipping on a handcrafted Patrón tequila cocktail and soaking up the good vibes.


Exclusive mixology workshops, hosted on the private mezzanine, were a hit with Dubai’s top-tier media and influencers.


More than just a bar; Patrón Legado was a legacy that left a lasting impression. A sweet escape during the day, a vibrant hangout at night, and where the spirit of Patrón lives on.


Client: Patrón

Project: Patrón Legado Brand Experience

Services: Creative, Experiential, Public Relations