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5 reasons to go boutique.

5 reasons to go boutique.

In a society where bigger often means better, it’s time to challenge the status quo and change the way we think.

Traditionally, marketing agencies employ hundreds of people, with large teams assigned to each client. These teams follow structured hierarchies and processes, regardless of the account they are working on.

However, the marketing and creative advertising industry is ever-evolving, embracing new ways to help brands reach their goals.

This is where the concept of the boutique agency comes in. Boutique agencies generally focus on providing more specialised work for their clients. They employ smaller groups of hand-picked talent, with the whole team working toward a common goal – to knock the socks off their client!

They encourage a more collaborative approach, ultimately fostering stronger client-agency relationships.

That’s why we’re sharing 5 reasons why a boutique-style agency may be better for you, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation:

Give your brand a soul 

Tired of seeing new faces at every meeting? 

From account executives to analytics, it can often become confusing when dozens of people are involved at each stage of a project.

This can lead to a lack of consistency or even a “cookie-cutter” approach to creative work.

But when it comes to marketing strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

In boutique agencies, clients are more likely to interact with the talent that works directly on their account, establishing a more open dialogue between creative and client. Without the distraction of third-party interpretations, creatives can more effectively translate client visions to a reality.

The result is a personalised experience, with individualised solutions that stay true to the brand in question.

Find the right fit 

Quality over quantity. 

Choosing a bigger agency, doesn’t necessarily mean better work. With so many clients on their roster, smaller businesses may fall to the bottom of the priority pile.

Boutique agencies don’t tend to take on any and every client. Instead, they thoughtfully pick projects that are the right fit for both their team and their clients, leading to a better outcome for all parties involved.

Discover dynamic talent 

In boutique agencies, it’s all hands on deck. 

Smaller, more specialised teams can work more effectively together, sharing skills and ideas from all functions and levels. Employees often work laterally, crossing disciplines to support each other whenever necessary.

This results in multitalented teams that can offer a diverse range of experience for their clients. The dynamic nature of boutique teams provides a kind of “can-do” attitude, which delivers both reassurance and results for clients.

Grow your team

Due to their size and structure, boutique agencies often have more time to get to know clients as people, not just companies. 

Traditional agencies have high saturation and turnover of employees, making it difficult for clients to form deep connections with teams. With so many clients to work with, projects can be viewed as business transactions.

Adopting a more personalised approach, boutique agencies tend to value the business that every client brings and therefore treat clients like an extension of their own agency.

Create with agility 

Fast-moving & flexible, boutique agencies are usually quicker to adopt new innovations. 

In contrast to traditional agencies, which have a large breadth of work and layers of bureaucracy, teams at boutique agencies don’t need to go through as many execs and approvals when decisions need to be made.

Accustomed to proactivity, they can work quickly and flexibly to provide clients with the solutions they need, minus the long-winded, waiting process.

We believe the era of boutique agencies is approaching. Unifying the art of strategy, content and creative, at JWI, we operate similar to boutique-style agencies, with teams of talents whose craft is a passion, not just a job.