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Debunking the top 5 social media marketing myths

Debunking the top 5 social media marketing myths

There’s no denying that we can’t escape social media. It’s all around us and available 24/7. 

So how can your brand maximise the power of social media to deliver results? 

We’re here to debunk a few myths so you can ensure your business is using social media in the most effective and engaging way. 

Myth #1: Reach as many people as possible by being active on every platform.

You can’t be everywhere at once! It can actually be counter-productive to use a social media platform just for the sake of it. 

Particularly if you’re just starting out, consider focusing your efforts and budget on one or two key channels that really resonate with your target audience. This approach helps you provide your audience with relevant content that they are likely to organically engage with.

For example, Facebook has approximately 2.27 billion active monthly users. Therefore, it’s highly likely that your target audience is using this platform. However, is Facebook the most relevant channel for your business?

It’s important to ensure that your social media strategy aligns with your business goals and brand identity. Many users simply use Facebook for games or the messenger function, so your posts or ads might not even reach them. They key is understanding the consumption patterns of your target audience in order to determine what channels will result in the highest visibility and engagement.

Myth #2: Ignore negative feedback – they’re just haters.

Social media is one the greatest mediums for feedback. So don’t just ignore or overlook it!

In fact, 68% of online users will go straight to a brand’s social media profile for reviews[1], so if negative comments are ignored, it doesn’t give the best first impression of your brand.

Rather than shying away from negative comments, use them as an opportunity to acknowledge your users and show consumers that your brand cares, this will incentivise consumers, even those who have had a negative experience, to continuing using your business.

[1] https://www.searchenginewatch.com/2016/09/19/yelp-vs-google-vs-facebook-reviews-which-should-you-focus-on-and-why/

Myth #3: You should be posting several times a day.

Yes, it’s important to deliver a consistent stream of content to maintain the interest of your followers, but overwhelming them with information can be futile. Plan your social media schedule thoughtfully and strategically to guarantee that posts and ads are relevant, reactive and delievered during peak times. This way, you are more likely to attract the right kind of followers for your brand, while also yielding higher engagement.

Myth #4: Social media is only relevant for younger generations.

Wrong! Social media has become universal.

While certain platforms, like Snapchat, do attract a younger audience, the opportunity to engage with older users on other platforms, such as Facebook, should not be overlooked. 

Over 60% of people aged 50-64 use  Facebook.[1]  Moreover, the retiree category is  spending more than ever before. It is predicted that by 2040, older people will be spending 63p of every £1 spent in the UK economy.[2]

So let’s not forget about this very profitable audience who have more buying power and can be effectively targeted with the right social media strategy.

[1] https://all-digital.org/social-media-older-people-promising-future/

[2] https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/02/uk-retirees-spending-rockets-as-younger-people-spend-less

Myth #5: The more followers, the better.

Quality over quantity, it’s as simple as that. Having higher followers does not necessarily translate to higher engagement rates.

It is much more impactful to an audience that is actually engaged and therefore more likely purchase your product/service. 

Consider creating user-generated content to promotes your brand to your target audience and their wider network. This can ensure a much more engaged audience than having thousands, or even millions, of silent followers!

Now that we’ve debunked some social media marketing myths, it’s your turn to assess your social media marketing strategy and ensure you are harnessing the power of these platforms to optimise your brand for social media.