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What’s In and What’s Out for Digital Marketing in 2022.

What’s In and What’s Out for Digital Marketing in 2022.

We are full steam ahead into 2022 and it’s set to be an exciting and productive year. But like, for real this time.


There’s a palpable sense of energy – the city streets have been restored to the hustle and bustle of their pre-pandemic glory, and for many of us, the return to full-time office work is growing ever closer.

And so we gradually transition back into the real world. But the social and digital adaptations made during the pandemic remain an invaluable part of our working and everyday lives. From remote working solutions and the rise of e-commerce, to short-form video and audio-based social media. 

So how can marketers stay ahead of the game and keep on top of digital trends? We came up with a list of what we believe to be the upcoming trends for social and digital marketing in 2022.

What’s IN?


There’s a shared sense of optimism and excitement brewing this year, and who’s to say that shouldn’t be a part of your digital strategy in 2022? Big, bold, bright omni-channel campaigns are sure to take advantage of this contagious energy. Go big or go home! Many consumers are ready to commit, make purchases and make plans.


Social commerce is in full swing. So much so that Hootsuite noted a 67% increase in e-commerce via social media sites in 2021 compared with 2020. This won’t change any time soon. With Instagram marketplace up and running and Tik Tok marketplace soon to be selling. It’s time to think about translating your client’s products onto social media.


The content creator has more power than ever before – and brands should pay attention. Work closely with content creators and don’t be scared to pursue new forms of advertisement. These influencers have audiences that trust their judgment and listen to them, hence the term influencer! Tap into this loyalty and together, you can create some impactful campaigns with high engagement and higher chances of reaching your target audience.

What’s OUT?


Dear millennials, I’m so sorry to tell you but Gen Z has declared gifs a thing of the past. We have moved on to short-form video – and this will only continue to grow on every social platform in 2022. Video optimized campaigns for Reels, Tik Tok, Instagram stories etc. will be a crucial part of digital marketing strategy in 2022.


Okay, it’s not really ‘out’, but in late 2021, Google was dethroned as the world’s most popular website, only to be replaced by TikTok. The record-breaking social media giant is a gold mine for digital marketers looking to tap into younger markets. 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24.


By now, we’re all fluent in the power of social connectivity – Zoom meetings are like a second language, and I would really hope that most of us have finally mastered all the video functions. Come on, Lisa it’s 2022, learn how to use the unmute button!