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Driving change with the UAE’s first eco-friendly bus fleet

Driving change with the UAE’s first eco-friendly bus fleet

An increased call for sustainability in the region comes as no surprise. A few years ago, the UAE Vision 2021 was launched, outlining measures to improve air quality index, transport infrastructure and clean energy contribution.

Now, the Dubai 2040 Master Plan has been launched, creating a comprehensive map for the sustainable development of the city.

A key part of this plan is increasing sustainable mobility across the city through greener forms of transportation, in coordination with urban planners, developers and government departments.

The launch of the UAE’s first fleet of eco-friendly buses could not have come at a better time. Yinlong Energy ME, in partnership with Al Fahim, recently launched the nation’s first green bus fleet, powered by the world’s fastest charging lithium battery. The buses aim to offer a number of benefits with the potential to lower toxic emissions, combat climate change and increase cost savings.

There is an increasing green conscience in the region, not just among consumers, but among businesses too. Consequently, sustainable products and services have surfaced as a category of their own, with the emergence of brands, such as Yinlong Energy, that don’t just support sustainability as an add-on benefit, but as a core purpose.

If placed in the hands of the right organisations and distribution channels, Yinlong’s initiative has the power to help transform the infrastructure of the region. The widespread adoption of greener transportation not only supports national sustainable development goals, but also global ones, such as Zero Net Carbon by 2030.

To introduce the product into the market effectively, JWI was selected as the PR agency to organise and execute the virtual launch of the green bus fleet.

For the launch, we crafted an integrated Public Relations strategy, which included the organisation of a virtual launch event and inviting key media. The event was supported by securing bilingual press coverage across broadcast, print and online media with a reach of 212.8 million. This included highlight coverage on Emarat TV and Smash TV, along with 7 interviews in top tier media titles.

We are entering a new era, where sustainability meets profitability. For businesses in the UAE, who are hungry for ways to optimise sustainability, the launch of Yinlong’s eco-friendly buses came at an opportune time.

Looking to the future, we anticipate the growth of sustainability-focused brands, like Yinlong ME, that cater to the B2B sector. The sustainable consumer is here, and now it’s time for change to penetrate our infrastructure and organisations. With more companies that provide sustainable solutions to other businesses, we can begin to support sustainability on a larger scale and make an impact.

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