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Top 5 Tips for Facebook Advertising

Top 5 Tips for Facebook Advertising

Ah Facebook Business Manager, the place where social media marketers collectively come to cry. Just kidding! Kind of. 

Dodgy user interface aside, Facebook advertising is an essential tool in any marketer’s arsenal. In 2020, Facebook was the world’s largest social network, with around 2.80 billion monthly active users. That’s a huge potential market. But how do you make sure you’re reaching the right people and getting the most bang for your buck?

Creating excellent ads takes experimentation, expertise and refinement. So, to help you on your way to becoming a FB advertising mogul, we’ve put together JWI’s top 5 ad tips. Read on to learn how to make sure your ads are designed strategically; your copy is sharp, and your targeting is seamless.  

• Know your audience 

Tip number 1 – know your audience. The first step is to take some time to consider the individuals that are likely to buy your product or services. Mapping your audience personas to understand their interests, behaviours and customer journeys will be crucial to effective targeting.

You can refine this process further by tailoring your audience types to each product you’re advertising. Facebook holds a ton of data about its users so that you can home in on a niche target demographic. Do this, and you’re likely to keep costs low and conversions high. 

• Align Your copy with Your Visual

Your ad copy should summarise everything it needs to know about your service or product, so keep it short and lead with value. A concise opening sentence that describes the benefit of the visual it sits next to, combined with a killer offer is sure to grab your consumer’s attention. 

When considering the creative alongside this, take on board the same advice – the image, colour scheme and layout of the graphic should be simple yet engaging. It should resonate with the viewer whilst giving them a snapshot view of everything your service stands for. 

• One Call-to-Action is Key

Facebook mobile users spend an average of 1.7 seconds browsing a single post. This means it’s absolutely critical to ensure your call to action is crystal clear. You can do this by keeping your call to action within the body copy in a snapshot sentence, emphasising the value proposition and even embedding the message into the creative itself. 

• Test, test and test again.

This is all sound advice in theory, but you’ll never really know how your audience will respond until you put it to the test. Fortunately, Facebook has a handy dandy split testing feature to help you create different versions of the same ad and see which works best. This is the best way to optimize your ads. You can differentiate your ads by copy length, simplified creative, switching the colours, targeting different locations, and testing mobile vs web – the possibilities are endless. 

• Do your research!

The best digital marketers are the ones that live and breathe social media. Taking the time to scroll through the online landscape in order to identify ad campaigns that stand out to you will be crucial for your creative process. Which ones make you want to click? Which ones do you simply scroll past? There are always lessons to be taken away on your timelines.

So now you know the basics – go forth, experiment, and prosper Facebook advertising marketers!